Conscious musings into the new world – Alexis Brooks

Great information here in this interview with Lilou Mace and Alexis Brooks

I watched Lilou right from the beginning so I find her journey very interesting!


The Natural Co-Creators Show – Jennifer talks to James Radcliffe musician about his album ‘I’

This interview was previously on my show on now on soundcloud below:-

Jennifer talks to James Radcliffe, musician, singer, performer and writer about his recently
released album ‘I’.


James’ music is truly inspirational. In my view, it’s multi dimensional and unified. It will speak to you
in many ways, being both diverse in content and ground breaking. To me, it is an art form or poetry with a strong
sense of connecting to the elemental. Seize the opportunity to listen to James as he explains why and how
he wrote this music which came from a year of very focused hard work! I think you will find it very different.
James’ voice reaches frequencies of sound which vibrate within your being. The album I would describe as world music.

James explains how he feels daily meditation helps him with his creativity – being in the
flow, is essential as the air that we breathe!

“My music is centered around the ecstatic freedom of the present moment. Around the experience that takes us out of time. When I sing or play, my goal is to get to that state as quickly as possible and then let it express itself thru me.” James Radcliffe


Guest Blog by Vikki Lightweaver

13 Lucky or unlucky ?
There has always been much speculation about the number 13. Many believe it to be an unlucky number to the point where we have buildings with no thirteenth floor (obviously it is there but numbered differently) and hotels who do not have the number 13 as a room number. This is believed to come from the story of the last supper where 13 people sat down to eat before the Christ was crucified. It is thought by some that for 13 people to sit together is therefore unlucky.
However the Ancients believed 13 to be a powerful number and taught that he who understands the number 13 would have great power.  For me personally 13 is a lucky day as this is the day my beautiful daughter was born.

As a Numerologist I look at the numbers individually. 1 represents new beginnings, a fresh start and an ability to rise to new heights. 3 is the number of creative energy, of manifestation and of life and love and the dance of life. Therefore 13 represents an opportunity to rise above the problems of the past and truly begin to create a new exciting future. When we add the two numbers together and reduce to a single digit we get 4 which is traditionally the number of grounding and of earth and of order and structure and so enables us to bring the energy of 13 to an earthly level to be used in a practical way.13 is the represented in the Tarot as a skeleton wielding a scythe or Death which in Tarot represents endings and beginnings. Closing the door on the old to make room for the new.

This is a powerful number which carries intense vibrational energy which if used in the wrong way could have a detrimental effect on the person. The secret to working with the energy of this number is to accept change gracefully. It often brings upheaval so that new ground may be broken and is also associated with high intellect or genius.
If this is the number of your day of birth then you may find that you have a strong karmic connection to the people who are close to you. You may have chosen to be here at this time in order to help someone to fulfill their karmic journey. If this is the case then any day which reduces to 4 ( i.e. 13, 31, 22 ) should provide additional energy and opportunities to help you on your path

Vikki Fosdal (Lightweaver)

Vikki on the Natural Co-Creators Show

Psychic/Spiritual Awareness Retreat Kefalonia with Angel author Jennifer & Creativity Coach Bernadette


Kefalonia seat

“See a part of Kefalonia tourists rarely see”

Experience the magic of this beautiful Greek Island where Creative Life Arts offers a space to breathe, rest, relax, recover, rediscover, rejuice and restore. In this magical place you will find time to rediscover your creative gifts, work through stumbling blocks and challenges, try out new things you’ve always been interested in and find creative inspiration for work, rest and play. It’s a sanctuary from a busy world and a place to find your authentic self. Re-discover and replenish your creative spirit, deepen your deepest dreams, share your wildest longings, and learn new ways to make real lasting and significant changes, to help you live a life you love.
Jennifer Lynch Amazon bestselling Amazon Author, Life Guidance Counsellor, Angelic Aura Reader and Holistic Therapist will be joining Writer/Artist & Creativity Coach Detta Darnell, for a very special one off group retreat this September. They will be hosting a wonderful week of Angels, Auras and Magical Memories. This lovely guided retreat will give you the chance to gently dip your toes into the waters of Psychic Development (as well as the impossibly clear blue waters of the Ionian sea!)



  • FEEL AND SENSE – through psychic and spiritual development – sensing energies, dowsing, angel cards, aura readings, crystals, runes and guided meditation.
  •  DISCOVER – the hidden love story surrounding an old very beautiful pre-earthquake house in the stunning Kefalonian mountains which holds many fascinating secrets.
  •  EXLORE – explore this beautiful island on some very special island tours, away from the tourist tracks, with the opportunity for a   further meanderings through ancient pine forests and a stunning national park to connect to tree energy and nature
  •  PEACE – Find peace and harmony through joining and working together in a small group,



  • CLEANSE – Swim and cleanse in the beautiful warm blue sea. Be at one with your inner goddess, guiding you to let go of old labels and emerge refreshed and recharged.
  • RELEASE – Learn about angels, auras, pendulums, rune stones and try out pastel aura drawing for your spirit guided messages. Find out how to access your psychic gifts through feelings, sightings, messages and intuitive awareness – tap into your true feelings and use play painting, journaling and to record your findings. Let go of anything that’s holding you back though making a beach labyrinth and despacho ceremony.
  • SUPPORT- Group creativity coaching to gain greater insight into where you are right now and where you’d like to be. Support from other members of this gorgeous little group and go home with a toolbox to help make your dreams more real.

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Car parks and Messages

Someone left a yellow post it note at Morrisons today –

thank you to the person who did because instead of OUT OF ORDER

It was quite in order to say:-

Follow your heart but don’t forget to use your brain …

I laughed and left it for the next person to see

He approached, read it and walked away bemused

so I asked him what he thought, he said that he only read half of it – which bit I wonder?

Later, an elderly man fell over right in front of me, I helped him up, he was badly shaken.  I was surprised by the amount of heart in Stowmarket today, a man came rushing to help and a lady went to order a taxis for the couple.

I’m quite proud to be part of a community that still cares – long may it continue.

I might leave some notes myself, reminders.


The Most Important Question You Will Ever Answer…

Awareness is everything!

Human beings are creatures of synthesis, whose primary aim in life is: to create higher patterns of energy and information.  Our relentlessly unceasing innovation is hardwired into our very being and fully indiscriminate.  The most important choice we can possibly make in our lives is: the choice of where to direct our focus.

At first glance, these assertions may seem: crazy, incendiary, or completely outlandish.

How can I possibly justify them?  Why is it absolutely vital to know and understand this?  And what is the most important question in the entire world?


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The Natural Co-Creators Show – Yesterday but still a good listen.

Listen to this fabulous show with Sophie Suley who is a psychic medium from Harwich, Essex and also a very good friend of mine.

Great show.

sophie suley

nifer talks to Sophie Suley a well known medium from Harwich, UK about her work as a medium and her new network on facebook Sophies Spiritual Events

Sophie studied at the Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College in Stansted. For several years, she ran her own Mind Body Spirit events throughout Essex including putting on some psychic evenings (which I attended they were great!). Sophie is currently setting up meditation groups and a psychic and development circle in Harwich so get in touch with her if you are interested in any of these. Sophie is a very experienced medium and she has great knowledge to share. She is also a trained massage therapist, who gives full body massage, back neck and shoulder massage and indian head massage as well as facials with clay. I am looking forward to chatting to this very talented lady.

Sophie will also be giving a few online readings so call in to the show via Skype if you are interested in a quick reading. Because of time we will probably be restricted to just a couple but if it works well, we may be able to make this a regular event.

DISCLAIMER – psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only and Jennifer Lynch accepts no responsbility for any of the information given in this show.